Christian Living and Values Education

The school offers an on-going Christian Living and Values Education subject that would teach students some facts and knowledge on the Catholic teaching and values that should be internalized to become a true Child of Light.  Aside from this, Values education is also integrated in the different subject areas to develop the students’ good moral and Filipino values necessary for serving God, the family, community and the country.

 Activities such as growth sessions, encounters and the like are scheduled throughout the school year to help the students in their personal formation.

 Academic Program

   In line with the Department of Education’s restructuring of the curriculum to continuously improve the quality of learning, our school is at present using the Basic Education curriculum to fully implement the goals and objectives of DepEd. Aside from the subjects specified by DepEd such as:  English, Math, Science, Filipino and Makabayan, the school maintained its Elective subjects in the High School levels to give emphasis the areas of Math and English Language Arts.  Research is also integrated in almost all subjects with Thesis Writing in the 4th year level as the culminating activity to fully apply the contents learned in all the subjects.

Computer Program

Computer Literacy and Information Technology classes are offered to all students from Grade I to High School.  They act as extension to their academic classes and also help them in their research works.

Homeroom & Character Formation Program

Each class is under the guidance of an adviser and a guidance counselor to help the students develop their moral and character formation.  The formation program aims to: (1) make students aware of their obligations as a Christian, as a Filipino and as a student. (2)  help them know what is right, value what is right and do what is right.  (3) develop the students into an ideal Christian. (4)  form any phase of the students’ personality.

With these objectives in mind, counseling and specific modules are designed to correct and develop the students’ behavior and attitude.

Social and Leadership Program

   Several clubs and organizations are made available to support the school’s academic programs.  These clubs seek to enrich classroom learning through actual experiences and serve as a channel to develop the student’s innate potentials and interest that relate with others in a healthy and productive interaction.

   The various clubs of the school are:  Science Club, Math Society, DLA Choir, Drum and Bugle & Lyre Corps, Rondalla, Varsity Teams, Art Club, School Publication, Religion Club, Dance Troupe and Drama Club. The clubs also aim to develop the talents, leadership and social skills of the students.

Guidance Program

   The Guidance Office supports the instructional and administrative functions of the school.  It is a service unit where students can find a best friend in school.  Even parents are welcome to visit the Guidance Office if they have some problems about their child’s academic performance or behavior.

    Aside from individual or group counseling, the counselors also conduct and interpret tests to help the students get a clear view of themselves in terms of their capabilities and personalities.  They arrange individual inventory, make researches and evaluations, design homeroom programs and other activities such as symposia and talks that are important for the students’ psychological growth.

Health and Medical Services

The school clinics are responsible for safeguarding the health of students and school personnel on campus.  They are supervised by physicians and school personnel who come on a daily basis to minister to the health needs of the students.

Aside from this, a sickness and accident insurance benefit are given to all bona fide students.

 Library and Media Services

   The library is a center of intellectual activities where different kinds of reading and audio-visual materials are made available to students, teachers and other personnel.  It provides unlimited internet service facilities and is open to serve the students the whole day from Monday to Friday and morning of Saturdays.  The library also provides audio-visual materials such as audio-visual tapes and CDs, overhead projectors, LCDs/DLPs and the use of the internet which students can avail of in their researches.

 Community Outreach Program

   Activities that would expose students to outside actual experiences and help students understand the needs of their community are also provided.  They are usually initiated by the school in cooperation with the Student Council officers and representatives.

Aside from this, a scholarship grant is given to deserving public high school students wherein they are awarded free tuition and miscellaneous fees.  They are also given free uniforms, books and school supplies.

Security Services

A twenty-four hour security service is provided to ensure the safety and protection of all students, teachers and personnel.  A concrete fence is built along the school perimeter and a two-way radio is used by all security personnel.